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Perpetrator Found Guilty for Sending Death Threat to Game Company ARIKA


Last month, video game developer ARIKA—known for fighting games like Fighting Ex Layer, as well as developing recent Switch multiplayer titles Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99, and Super Mario Bros. 35—announced that someone had sent them a threat, which promised to both harm the company and kill a member of the executive staff. The threat was initially sent through the company’s online contact form back on September 3, 2019, and the incident was reported on the same day with a criminal complaint to follow on November 15. Now, the latest in the series of events has the perpetrator being found guilty as of October 5.

The perpetrator in question was first identified in October 2020, and charges were confirmed on April 13, 2021. After pleading guilty to the public prosecutor’s office, the suspect was formally indicted on September 9, and a summary order followed on September 16 prior to them being found guilty. For the sake of the investigation, ARIKA was told not to disclose any information until October 25.

Source: ARIKA via Anime News Network