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Patema Inverted Anime Film Gets a Pair of Promos

The latest work from Yasuhiro Yoshiura, director of Time of Eve and Pale Cocoon, is preparing to hit screens in Japan this weekend. Patema Inverted (Sakasama no Patema) is a theatrical version of Yoshiura’s four-episode ONA series, and you can see some of it in a pair of recently posted promos.

First up is a preview of Estelle Micheau’s theme song, “Patema Inverse.” Stick around below that to dig into a quick 15-second TV spot.

Patema Inverted is set in a subterranean world in which Patema, the princess of the underground community, lives her life. Patema loves exploring the area’s “danger zone” despite it being against the rules, but curiosity keeps taking her there, and the story kicks into gear when she approaches its secret.

© Yasuhiro YOSHIURA/Sakasama Film Committee 2013