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PaRappa the Rapper Mounts an Anime Comeback

News of a new PaRappa the Rapper anime sounds pretty crazy until you realize the rappin’ rhythm game series that started on PlayStation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. PaRappa and friends are making a comeback in a series of anime shorts, and PaRappa’s friend PJ Berri gets the titular spotlight in PJ Berri no Mogumogu.

The series will be introduced with a pilot on August 18, and then regular broadcast will begin as part of variety show #Hi_Poul this October. 

Cast includes:

PJ BERRI: Jun Oosuka

PARAPPA: Yuuto Suzuki



Original character design: Rodney Alan Greenblat
Animation production: Doga Kobo
Production Copyright: Fuji TV

Source: MoCA via Crunchyroll