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Wild, Stunt-Performing Otter Mascot Chiitan Fired After Complaints


It’s not easy being a regional mascot, which is something the wild otter known as Chiitan now knows all too well. Chiitan originally came on board as PR mascot for Susaki City due to a real otter’s popularity, and she went to work alongside the current official mascot, Shinjo-kun. Chiitan soon declared herself the city’s tourism ambassador, but the way she went about her duties apparently caused quite a stir among certain locals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the antics of Chiitan, you kind of have to see them for yourself. They usually involve her bouncing around a room on a trampoline, or attempting (and always failing) to do some kind of ridiculous stunt on a treadmill. They’re amazing. SHE’S amazing.

Here she is running against a wind machine:


Showing her love for basketball:


Walking a tightrope:


Um… bowling:


Seriously, take a moment to peruse her official Twitter account, but try not to get too sad when you remember that she got canned for just being who she is, man.

As Chiitan’s popularity skyrocketed, Susaki City citizens started to second guess just how good she is at representing the city and its people. Over 100 complaints were reportedly filed in city hall, leading city officials to end their relationship with the beloved otter.

Thankfully, while speaking with Yomiuri Shimbun, the mascot’s agency confirmed that Chiitan is still on good terms with the city. Perhaps now, more than ever, is the perfect time for a little self reflection.


Or this could all just be part of one massive joke. Either way, we’ll be following Chiitan into the sunset.

Source: Twitter, Crunchyroll