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Oshi no Ko’s Level of Success Shocked Its Voice Actors

Oshi no Ko

The Oshi no Ko anime has been massively successful — so successful, in fact, that it shocked the voice actors involved.

“The manga was of course already well known, and there’s a buzz when each new book comes out,” Megumi Han, the voice of Kana Arima, told IGN at IGN Fan Fest. “So I did think it’d become popular as an anime, but not to this degree.”

Takeo Otsuka, the voice of Aqua, chimed in: “I think there were a lot of synergistic factors. The theme song, for example, and so many of the plot twists. The source material’s strength played a role, of course, but I also think the anime helped bring out what’s great about the story.”

Oshi no Ko is supposed to be about the sinister side of the entertainment industry, and Yurie Igoma, the voice of Ruby, remarked, “I work in entertainment as a voice actor so a lot of the phrases they used did sound like someone in that line of work. The worlds of show business and voice acting are a little different, of course. But the sentiments in the story did feel very honest. So while there are some parts that did match up for me, there were also parts that didn’t, making me go, ‘What? Is that how show business really goes?!'”

The three actors talked eagerly about the 2.5D Stage Play arc, which will be covered in the upcoming second season. Igoma exclaimed, “There are so many scenes that I want to know what they’ll look like in motion!”

Otsuka also commented, “As a performer, it makes me think I really have to give this everything I have. So many people are looking forward to it, after all. I’d like to do whatever I can to contribute in any small way to making something great.”

Source: IGN


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