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One Piece Strong World Film Tops Ponyo Opening in Japan

Not terribly shocking considering the series’ popularity, but the tenth One Piece film, Strong World, had a killer debut in Japanese theaters, ultimately toppling the opening weekend box office gross of Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo.

The first filmgoers to attend Strong World screenings received free copies of a special volume 0 of the manga, of which Toei will be doing another million-copy print run. Perhaps that factored into the high gross—which totaled 1.038 billion yen (US$11.7 million) on opening weekend—or maybe it was a combination of that and the knowledge that mangaka Eichiro Oda was so closely involved in the production of this particular entry.

Whatever the reason, it’s a pretty impressive debut. Ponyo took in slightly lower numbers when it hit theaters, with an opening weekend total of 1.025 billion yen ($US11.55 million). Now, let’s get that volume 0 manga over here!

Source [Mainichi Shimbun via ANN]