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One Piece Heroines Light Novel Series Continues with New Entry

one piece heroines

Back in 2021, One Piece inspired a Heroines novel that focused on Nami. Now the series is getting ready to return with another set of stories, this time centering on Hancock, Tashigi, Reiju, Uta, Nami and Robin.

The new ONE PIECE novel HEROINES [Colorful] book is written by June Esaka and illustrated by Sayaka Suwa. The collection is set to make its way to stores in Japan on March 4, 2024.

Each episode centers on one of the aforementioned women of One Piece, including a story about Boa Hancock that finds one of her subordinates returning from a long jaunt out to sea to tell her love story, just as a hurricane kicks up. In “episode: Tashigi,” the title character is passing her sword skills to a younger girl, and “episode: Reiju” has Reiju and her brothers attempting to whip up a meal without a cook.

Film Red fans can look forward to Uta singing a new song as she reminisces about Shanks and his crew in “episode: Uta,” while Nami and Robin take the spotlight in a story about the pair practicing some self care with Chopper and Brook’s assistance.

Via Anime News Network