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Nintendo Chops 3DS Price Down to $169.99

What could possibly spur Nintendo, masters of profit, to suddenly drop the price of its Nintendo 3DS handheld from $249.99 to $169.99? How about the fact that it has only sold 830,000 units of the system since it launched in March? That’s far below expectations, so in that light a massive price cut makes sense.

The 3DS’ new price goes in effect on August 12, so I’d hold out just a little longer on that purchase if I were you. However, don’t feel too badly burned if you already have one, as Nintendo is keen on rewarding early adopters that shelled out full price.

Those who purchased a 3DS before August 12 will be eligible for 20 free eShop downloads, culled from the upcoming collection of virtual console games from the Nintendo Entertainment System library (starting September 1) and the Game Boy Advance library (starting at a later date). Some of the former’s games include Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr. and The Legend of Zelda, with the GBA offerings ranging from Yoshi’s Island to Metroid Fusion.

Hopefully this massive price drop, along with upcoming surefire hits like Super Mario 3D Land (November) and Mario Kart 7 (December), will help boost the system’s sales.

So, who plans on getting a 3DS now?