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New Trailer and Screens Arrive for Atlus’ Catherine

Appropriately, the latest trailer for Atlus’ RPG/Puzzler/Romancer Catherine is titled “Nightmares,” and contains just that. Check it and some fresh screens out below in preparation for both the demo’s July 12 release date, and the July 26 street date of the game itself.

Via the press release: “The new video introduces viewers to a growing phenomenon that has just recently enveloped Vincent, the game’s protagonist. When he goes to sleep every night, he finds himself in the middle of twisted, terrifying nightmares, forced to climb up before his footing gives way and he plummets to his demise, and away from horrific manifestations in order to stay alive. Moreover, Vincent is not alone in this challenge; other men are struggling through the same supernatural maze. All of this is, of course, complementary to the dilemmas Vincent creates for himself during the day in his interpersonal relationships.”