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New Battle Athletes Anime Dashes in with First Promo

new battle athletes anime

After being teased recently, we now have our first look at the new Battle Athletes anime. Battle Athletes Daiundokai ReSTART! is coming to TV in Japan in April 2021, and you can check out who’s working on it and voicing the lead cast members along with the debut footage.

Sumire Morohoshi is in the lead as Kanata Akehoshi, with Yui Ishikawa as rival Eva Garen Stein and Miyu Tomita as Katana’s best friend Shelley Wong. The series is being directed by Tadayoshi Sasaki (Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride) at anime production house Animation Studio Seven (Joshi Kasuei).

Here’s the key visual:

new battle athletes anime


Having defeated the space invaders, the Neriri aliens, humanity has expanded its residential area to the entire solar system and is enjoying its prosperity. One hundred years later… The humanity is now enthusiastic over Shin-Daiundokai! Girls from all over the solar system gather at a space colony called the University Satellite. They engage in fierce battles in a variety of sports for the title of the best in the universe. The final winner is called Cosmic Beauty, and is crowned Queen of the Solar System. Kanata Akehoshi, a girl from Earth, aims to become Cosmic Beauty in order to fulfill a promise she made when she was a child. After successfully winning the qualifying round at the Antarctic Training School, She arrives at the University Satellite. Then, she is reunited with the girl she once promised to meet. The girls’ passionate sports battle for courage, hope, and pride is about to begin!

Via Crunchyroll