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‘Nervous Romance Animation’ CHERRY AND VIRGIN Announced for 2022

cherry and virgin

An experimental new anime film titled CHERRY AND VIRGIN is in the works. Director Masanao Kawajiri (Stella Women’s Academy) is at the helm of what’s being called a “nervous romance animation” that aims to incorporate manga, rotoscoping, and live-action elements into the production.

Takashi Okado and Yaeko Kiyose star in the Toei Video production, which centers on a 32-year-old erotic manga artist named Ryo, who isn’t used to being around women. On the other hand we have 28-year-old fujoshi Ami who doesn’t have a very good impression of men, so the story naturally follows the twists and turns of their relationship after they happen to meet one another.

Crowdfunding site Motion Gallery is currently looking to raise funds for the production, and you can check out a teaser below.

Via Anime News Network