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NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita Anime Announced

NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita

Mato Yakito and Kotatsu’s NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita manga is officially getting an anime adaptation. The comedy—the title of which translates to Somehow, I Started Living With a NEET Kunoichi—first started appearing online via Kotatsu’s Twitter and pixiv accounts, with a digital book edition collecting it in 10 volumes so far and KADOKAWA having published three print volumes.

Hisashi Sato (The Testament of Sister New Devil) is directing, with Takashi Aoshima on series composition and Masahiko Suzuki adapting character designs for the Quad production. Main heroine Shizuri Ideura will be voiced by Hinaki Yano, while male protagonist Tsukasa Atsumi will be voiced by Shoya Ishige.

Check out the debut promo below, followed by a visual and congratulatory illustrations by Kotatsu and Mato Yakito:

NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita


In order to protect an ordinary businessman, Tsukasa Atsumi, from demons, a genius kunoichi, Shizuri Ideura, signs a master-servant contract with him on the condition that she stays with him. Despite her cool appearance of defeating demons, Shizuri is an otaku NEET who spends all her time playing video games. While Shizuri is spoiled by Tsukasa and leads a lazy cohabitation life, the quirky Kunoichi gather together…

A romantic comedy about living together with a genius Kunoichi who is an otaku and a NEET!

Via Crunchyroll News