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Muv-Luv Alternative the Animation Reveals New Promo, Visual, Staff, and Cast

muv-luv alternativeMore Muv-Luv is on the way in the upcoming TV Anime Muv-Luv Alternative the Animation, and the latest information is here with details on the main staff and cast members, as well as a new promo and key visual. Based on the visual novel series by âge and 5pb., Muv-Luv Alternative the Animation features Yukio Nishimoto as director, with Tatsuhiko Urahata on series composition, Takuya Tani on character designs, and Evan Call on music for the FLAGSHIP LINE and Yumeta Company x Graphinica production.

Main cast members include Koichi Kamiki as Takeru Shirogane, Tomori Kusunoki as Sumika Kagami, and Karin Nanami as Meiya Mitsurugi, among others.

Check out the new promo:

And visual:

Muv-Luv Alternative the Animation will air in Japan as part of Fuji TV’s +Ultra block this October.

Via Comic Natalie