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Mononoke, Gatchaman Crowds Director Teases New Project

Mononoke, Gatchaman Crowds Director Teases New ProjectWhat’s Kenji Nakamura, the director of anime like Mononoke, C – Control and Gatchaman Crowds up to these days?

Working on a new project, that’s what.

Nakamura teased the project on a Clubhouse chat the other day, then tweeted about it.

The precious little we know at this point: the project’s codename, which is Yotogi.

Flipping open our Japanese dictionary, yotogi seems to mean:

1. attending someone through the night (guard, nurse)
2. act of a woman sleeping with a man (at his bidding)
3. keeping overnight vigil over body before burial

Nakamura also tweeted a logo, with traditional Japanese fans in the background.

Not much to go on at this point, but we’re looking forward to this eventually seeing the light of day. Nakamura also tweeted that his production company, Twin Engine, is looking to create more original works, and is looking for “comrades” to join in.

Here’s how Sentai describes Gatchaman Crowds:

For most of the residents of Tachikawa city, life seems to be perfectly normal. That’s how it seems, but the truth, known only by a tiny select handful, is that this is a city at war. Every day, as the citizens go about their business, they are under attack by alien criminals and mysterious organizations seeking to conquer, enslave and destroy. But to combat these threats, a covert council has secretly selected certain individuals to serve as protectors.

Wearing special suits that amplify latent powers hitherto unsuspected, they blend into the crowds and shadows, waiting until the call is given to fight again. They could be anyone: your neighbor, your best friend’s mom, even high school students like Sugune Tachibana and recent college grad Joe Hibiki.

Source: Otakomu

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