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Mitsuru Adachi’s Cross Game Hits Viz’s Shonen Sunday in May

If you asked me a while ago what title we’d most likely be seeing on Viz’s Shonen Sunday site, I would have said “I don’t know, but definitely not a Mitsuru Adachi manga.” I really dig Adachi, but we’re not exactly talking about someone that’s with superstar status in America. I gotta say I didn’t see it coming, even more so when I found out it would be his popular baseball manga, Cross Game.

Cross Game ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday starting in 2005, and actually just wrapped this February. Of course, this is Mitsuru Adachi, so aesthetically it’s very timeless. Or perhaps it’s just straight up ’80s, depending on what you consider timeless. I’m a fan of the style, personally. Cross Game was also adapted into a 50-episode anime series from 2009-2010.

Free online previews of the manga will be available on the Shonen Sunday website beginning May 17, with the manga debuting this Fall. Be sure to check back when the time comes!