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Migratory Birds & Snail Manga Inspires TV Anime

migratory birds & snail

Makoto Takatsu’s Migratory Birds & Snail manga—known in Japan as Wataridori to Katatsumurui—has been on hiatus since its third volume launched in September 2021, but now it’s getting ready to return. It has some good news tagging along for the ride, too, because the series is officially getting a TV anime adaptation.

Details for the Migratory Birds & Snail anime are light, but an announcement visual was released with the news. You can see that above, and check out Takatsu’s own celebratory illustration below.

The Migratory Birds & Snail manga first launched via Wani Books’ web manga magazine NewsCrunch in October 2019, and has been collected in three volumes so far. The story follows a young machine parts distributor worker named Unpei Mochizuki. After causing trouble for a customer at work, he dreams of traveling far away, to a place where no one knows him. He then meets Tsugumi Nagisa, a picture book writer traveling with her dog, while parked on the side of the road.

Thus begins their journey together, sleeping in their car and traveling throughout Japan.

Via Anime News Network