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Live-Action Saint Young Men Movie Teaser Trailer Debuts

saint young men

A teaser trailer is here for the live-action Saint Young Men movie, based on the manga of the same name by Hikaru Nakamura. The new film, Saint Oniisan The Movie ~Holy Men vs Akuma Gaiden~, opens in Japan on December 20, and you can see the latest trailer and more of the cast joining in on the fun below.

Saint Young Men tells the tale of Buddha and Jesus living in a budget Tokyo apartment together.

The cast and staff returns from the earlier live-action series adaptations, including Ken’ichi Matsuyama as Jesus and Shota Sometani as Buddha. Yuichi Fukuda is directing and writing the script based on Nakamura’s extended story, “The Long Road to the Big Screen.”

Additional cast members are highlighted in a series of character posters:

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Ryo Katsuji plays Taishakuten
  • Jiro Sato plays the battle hermit, an original character
  • Mai Shiraishi plays Benzaiten
  • Kento Kaku plays Brahma
  • Takanori Iwata plays Archangel Michael

Also from left to right:

  • Masataka Kubota plays Mara
  • Seina Nakata plays Mara’s youngest daughter
  • Mizuki Yamamoto plays Mara’s eldest daughter
  • Hinako Sakurai plays Mara’s second eldest daughter

The original Saint Young Men manga first launched in Kodansha’s Morning Two magazine in 2006. It has since inspired three seasons of live-action drama, as well as an anime film in 2013 and original anime DVDs that came packed with the eighth and ninth volumes of the manga in Japan in 2012 and 2013.

Kodansha USA publishes the manga digitally in English and describes it:

There are saints living in Tokyo, Japan: Buddha the Enlightened One and Jesus, Son of God. After successfully bringing the previous century to a close, the two share an apartment in Tachikawa while enjoying some well-earned time off down on Earth. Buddha pinches pennies like a typical neighborhood housewife, while Jesus is prone to making impulse buys. Read all about the saintliest duo’s carefree days in Tachikawa…

Via Anime News Network