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Media Blasters Acquires Mazinkaizer SKL

The Mazinkaizer series—blasted to the extreme from the loins of Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z—is returning in a big way in Japan. Mazinkaizer SKL was announced a while back, and now Media Blasters is making sure us North American mecha fans won’t be left out in the cold when it’s ready to launch.

As announced on their Facebook page, Media Blasters picked up the 3-episode OVA for domestic release on DVD, with the possibility of a Blu-ray edition as well. The first episode will be available in Japan on January 28, 2011, with the second and third shipping on February 25 and March 25, respectively.

The North American release is currently scheduled for next May. The folks at Media Blasters included the following Japanese Mazinkaizer SKL PV in their announcement. Enjoy!

Source [Media Blasters’ Facebook Page]