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Me & Roboco Anime Has Comedian Kendo Kobayashi Playing Himself

me & roboco

Japanese comedian Kendo Kobayashi is finally about to get his time in the spotlight in the Me & Roboco anime. After winning a role in the manga a couple years ago thanks to coming out on top in a game show with the former deputy editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, his character—which is just himself!—is coming to the anime adaptation. 

Here’s the anime design for “Kenkoba-sensei”. Kobayashi noted that he even got to ad-lib some of his lines in the episode. 

Akitaro Daichi (Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro) is directing the adaptation of Shuhei Miyazaki’s manga, with Michihiro Sato as assistant director, Sayuro Ooba as series composition writer and Yuko Ebara as character designer at animation production house Gallop. 

The Me & Roboco manga has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2020. 

Here’s how VIZ Media sums up the manga’s story: 

In a world where most families own a cute maid robot, average elementary kid Bondo hopes for one of his own. But the wacky robot who shows up is anything but average!

Via Crunchyroll News