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Male VAs with Sexiest Voice Ranked on Japanese Morning Show

sexiest voice

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which anime voice actors have the sexiest voices, Japanese morning show Mezamashi TV is here with a very specific ranking. The show decided to run down a list of the top picks, based on both the roles the actors played and how much their voices made people swoon.

Check out the top 5 below, and see if any of your favorite VAs are in the mix.

5. Takahiro Sakurai (Suguru Geto in JUJUTSU KAISEN, Griffith in Berserk)

4. Mamoru Miyano (Shinmon Benimaru in Fire Force, Rin Matsuoka in Free!)

3. Yuichi Nakamura (Satoru Gojo in JUJUTSU KAISEN, Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail)

2. Kenjiro Tsuda (Nanami Kento in JUJUTSU KAISEN, Hannes in Attack on Titan)

1. Junichi Suwabe (Victor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on ICE, Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia)

Which male VA do you think has the sexiest voice? Let us know in the comments!

Via Crunchyroll