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Live-Action Real Girl Movie Teased in New Video

real girlReal Girl, AKA 3D Kanojo, is a manga by Mao Nanami that’s getting both an April-due anime adaptation and a live-action film. The latter is the subject of a new teaser video, which offers a quick glimpse of director Tsutomu Hanabusa’s take on the material ahead of a September 14 opening in Japan.

The feature film version has Ayami Nakajō as Iroha and Hayato Sano as Hikari.

Kodansha Comics publishes the manga in English digitally, and describes it like so:

Hikari Tsutsui (a.k.a “Tsuttsun”) is a high school student who is content with his virtual life of anime and video games. One day, he gets stuck cleaning the pool with Iroha, a real live girl who is stylish, sassy and known to be easy with boys … and she aggressively approaches him! Tsuttsun, who has few friends and lives in his own world, finds himself smitten by the confident and wild Iroha … and his whole world is turned upside down!! It’s the awkward and pure love story of a boy who experiences relationship for the first time.