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Live-Action Attack on Titan Takes on Subaru in Glorious Trailer

It sounds pretty odd to say that the best thing to come out of this week was a recently released 30-second spot for Subaru. It’s much less difficult to believe, however, when you see that it pits live-action Titans from Attack on Titan against the Subaru Forester in a brief but thrilling action sequence.

The director of the upcoming live-action film, Shinji Higuchi—who previously handled special effects on the mid-90s Gamera trilogy and helmed 2006’s Sinking of Japan—worked on the Subaru collaboration. However, the staff has yet to decide if the Titans will look the same in the movie, which hasn’t kicked off principal photography.

You can see the commercial—which is set in the mountains of Wall Maria and promotes the Forester as an “omnidirectional SUV against attacks”—below.

There’s also a before and after effects video: