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Latest Pikachu Toy Delivers an Electric Shock Warning!

Takara Tomy has come out with a new Pikachu toy for kids that harnesses its power in electricity called Dengeki Chui! Biri Biri Pikachu. In English, that would be “Electric Shock Warning! Electric Shock Pikachu.” That’s because the tail gets the electric shock on!

Now if you’re wondering, “Why are they coming out with toys that will land kids in hospitals?” you don’t need to worry. The tail only mimes an electric shock. In reality it merely vibrates, so it’s safe for kids to play with.

Takara Tomy suggests different games you can play with your Electric Shock Warning! Electric Shock Pikachu. There’s a little hook you can pass over the wire, either with one hand or two, and you can list off all the Pokémon you can think of while doing it, or test how fast you are without getting vibrated. The toy will become available next month here.

Source: SoraNews24