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JUNK HEAD Stop-Motion Film Reveals 2025 Sequel Plans

junk head

Based on the 2013 short film Junk Head 1, Takehide Hori released stop-motion feature film JUNK HEAD in 2021 to much acclaim and a cult following. Now there’s more on the way as a sequel titled JUNK WORLD has been revealed.

So far there’s an official website for JUNK WORLD, as well as an announcement video. The sequel is currently in production, and you can get a glimpse into how it’s shaping up below.

There’s currently a crowdfunding campaign underway to pull together funds for JUNK WORLD. Regardless of the results, production will progress, but Hori is looking to use the extra finds to hire more staff to help with the film. The campaign has pulled in ¥13,663,200 (about US$94,692) with 1,648 backers supporting it at the time of this writing. 

The first JUNK HEAD film is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.

Official synopsis:

Set in a far distant dystopian future, people have figured out long life, but have lost fertility. The population is declining. On a mission for humankind, Junk Head, a cyborg explorer is sent on a mission to chthonic depths, where horrific creatures live. As he explores this fascinating underworld filled with danger and adventure, he keeps to his mission while barely staying alive.

Via Crunchyroll News