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Japanese Fans Rank Anime’s Best Green-Haired Girls

Here’s a nice, simple poll from our buddies at ranking site Goo: who’s your favorite green-haired anime gal?

Without further ado, Japan’s top 20 greenies!

20. Amber
Darker than Black

18 (tie). Tama

18 (tie). Aiko Kudō
Baka and Test

17. Asa Shigure

15 (tie). Mion Sonozaki
Higurashi When They Cry

15 (tie). Tamaki Kannazuki
GJ Club

14. Rin Kohana
Seiyu’s Life!

12 (tie). Alice Carroll

12 (tie). Kaede Kayano / Akari Yukimura
Assassination Classroom

11. Kanaria
Rozen Maiden

10. Yōko Shiragami
My Monster Secret

9. Tsuruya
Haruhi Suzumiya

8. Kotori Otonashi
The Idolmaster

7. Shion Sonozaki
Higurashi When They Cry

6. Eureka
Eureka Seven

Coming in at number five, we’ve got Smile Pretty Cure!’s Nao Midorikawa (her last name even means “green river”), whose alter ego is Cure March. (In the new English-language adaptation Glitter Force, her name is April/Glitter Spring). Not only is Midorikawa’s hair green, it also expands and gets brighter when she transforms.

In the number four spot, we’ve got Code Geass’s C.C. A hugely popular character even when the green hair isn’t factored in, C.C. (pronounced “C2”) won Animage magazine’s Anime Grand Prix best female character award two years in a row.

Number three: Macross Frontier’s “Super-Dimension Cinderella” Ranka Lee. Any chance of Ranka getting dethroned by the upcoming Macross Delta’s green-haired Reina Prowler? Only time will tell.

Coming in at number two, it’s Dragon Ball’s Bulma. Fun fact: if you weren’t aware, bulma means “bloomers” (as in the undergarment) in Japanese. As tribute to that fact, the character’s full name in Dragonball Evolution was acknowledged to be Bulma Brief (she didn’t have green hair, though – boo!).

Finally, number one: Urusei Yatsura’s Lum. This should be no huge shock (heehee), as Lum is beloved far and wide in Japan, regularly appearing all over the place even though Urusei Yatsura hasn’t been on the air in 30 years.

OUSAers: did your favorite green-haired anime girl make the list? And while we’re at it, how about the guys?

Source: Goo

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