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Japanese Author Points Out American Censorship in 90s Pokémon Manga

Japanese media critic Kimi Rito, who wrote The History of Hentai Manga, poked some fun at some 90s censorship of the Pokémon manga in America.

Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu was first published by VIZ in 1998, and they flipped it to read left to right, as Americans are used to doing. But putting the Japanese original versus the American page side by side shows it’s sometimes more than just a flip . . . sometimes they actively reduced women’s chest sizes.

Rito shared this tweet, and Anime News Network translated, “When foreigners found out about this, it was funny how they made comments like, ‘They were pulling the wool over our eyes!’ But the funniest comments were, ‘When you evolve, your boobs get bigger!’ Only Pokémon… (laughs)”

Another side-by-side comparison shows this wasn’t a one-time thing. Rito wrote: “In America, children’s manga can’t have big boobs, but adult media can’t have flat chests… What’s the politically correct boob size?”

A question for the ages.

Source: ANN


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