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Is the Order a Rabbit? Complete Collection Hops Home Next Week

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There’s nothing quite like a good mystery, and Is the Order a Rabbit? has plenty of them to spare. Cocoa Hoto bumps into many of these mysteries when she moves to a new town and starts living and working in the Rabbit House, and you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes in

, due out on July 14.

Cocoa came to town to start high school, but the goings-on of the Rabbit House might end up being more interesting than any class could hope to be. Cocoa works there with the owner’s granddaughter Chino and the miltary-obsessed Rize, and the fact that Rize keeps herself strapped with a Glock and a knife is just one of the oddities of Cocoa’s new surroundings.

What about the shop’s mystery-shrouded pet rabbit, Tippy? Or those girls who seem to be able to communicate without talking? While Cocoa works as a waitress to pay for her accomodation, at least she knows she’ll never want for excitement in her new life, no matter how bizarre it may be.

Is the Order a Rabbit? is based on the four-panel comedy manga by Koi, which has been running in the pages of seinen magazine Manga Time Kirara Max since 2011. Hiroyuki Hashimoto (episodes of Tiger & Bunny and The Devil is a Part-Timer!) directs, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (OniAi, Yatterman Night) handling series composition for the WHITE FOX production. You can relish in the ridiculous mystery of all 12 episodes—as well as clean versions of the opening and closing animations—in

, available for pre-order now and out next week.

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