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INTERVIEW: Solo Leveling Ending Song Performer krage Talks “request”

krage is the singer of Solo Leveling’s ending theme song “request,” which was produced and has lyrics by TK of Ling Tosite Sigure. The track is out now from Milan Records, and krage spoke to Otaku USA about how she got into music, what “request” is meant to convey, and what she likes best about Solo Leveling.

How did you first get interested in music?

As I was learning things, I somehow began to learn piano and English. After watching Lady Gaga’s piano performance, I wanted to try playing the piano too; that was the point when I really became interested in music.

What do you want to convey with “request”?

“request” is about admitting to my weaknesses. I want you to listen to the song when you need to motivate yourself to overcome any inferiority complex you have been holding on to.

Are you interested in doing more anime theme songs?

Yes. I would love to work on music for a more grandiose anime or something with a more global perspective.

What do you like best about Solo Leveling?

I like that there are themes that can connect to our cruel reality and happen in real life, such as betrayal.

What would you like your American fans to know about you?

I am using a wide variety of genres with different ways and styles of singing, depending on the song, so please keep that in mind when listening to my music. I’ve never seen anyone with green and blue color highlights, so I want people to know me as “krage hair”! (hahaha)


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