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Insomniacs After School Creator Launches New Manga

Insomniacs After School Creator Launches New MangaWere you a fan of Insomniacs After School? Then you may want to check out the new manga by its creator Makoto Ojiro. The manga, which just launched in the pages of Big Comic Spirits, is called Hoshino-kun, Shitagatte! (Hoshino-kun, Follow Me!).

It takes place in a high school and centers around students Hoshino and Yamada, the latter of whom Hoshino finds crying when he chase a baseball over a fence. The manga is co-created by comedian Hoshino Disco, and is described as an “absolute obedience romantic comedy.” Wowzer.

Here’s how Viz Media describes the first volume of Ojino’s Insomniacs After School:

Dark rumors about what befell the members of the astronomy club keep people away from the school observatory, and that’s what makes it the perfect sanctuary for Nakami and Magari to get some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, the school faculty can’t allow its unsanctioned use. But if there were a new astronomy club, maybe these two insomniacs could have a place to call home!

Source: Comic Natalie

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