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How Spanish Twitter Used Porco Rosso to Encourage Voting

porco rosso

Spain held a general election on July 23, and it became popular online for artists to encourage people to vote while using Studio Ghibli symbolism.

Anime News Network credits artist Álvaro Ortiz with starting the trend. Ortiz shared a picture inspired by the movie, saying, “Vota” (meaning “Vote”).

But why Porco Rosso? A specific line from it began trending on Spanish Twitter: “Better a pig than a fascist.” (In Spanish, this would be “Mejor ser un cerdo que un fascista.”) While the tweets didn’t necessarily tell you who the tweeter hoped people would vote for, it seemed to put in place who the tweeter didn’t want people to vote for.

After Ortiz shared this on Twitter, a number of other artists shared their own Porco Rosso art images to encourage people to vote. Eventually these different versions of the image were shared.


GKIDS gave this description for the plot of Porco Rosso:

From the legendary Studio Ghibli, creators of Spirited Away, and Academy Award-winning director Hayao Miyazaki, comes a dazzling aerial adventure set in and above the scenic port towns of the Adriatic Sea.

“Porco Rosso” is a world-weary flying ace-turned-bounty-hunter, whose face has been transformed into that of a pig by a mysterious spell. When he infuriates a band of sky pirates with his heroics, the pirates hire Curtis, a hotshot American rival, to get rid of him. But with the help of the teenage girl Fio, an aspiring airplane designer, and a sultry lounge singer named Gina, Porco takes to the skies for what may be his final high-flying showdown.

As part of Studio Ghibli Fest 2023, Porco Rosso will be in select theaters on August 20 and 22.

What do you think of using anime symbolism to encourage people to vote in elections?

Source: Anime News Network


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