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High Quality Dragonball Stills Surface

Ever the ultimate source for keeping up with the movie production curiosity we all know (and already love) as Dragonball, the fan blog for the upcoming film threw out a heads up today that IGN is hosting a small batch of previously released stills in high resolution. Just ponder for a moment, if you will, the sweet mix of confusion and determination on Justin Chatwin’s face as he cradles the most coveted of prizes.

So what does this mean? Will we finally start to see more than a few pictures of Goku‘s carefully coifed hairdo? Let’s hope the dams burst on this production soon, because both the DB fan and the disaster-rubbernecker within me can’t wait much longer! Let’s at least get a trailer out so we can all scrutinize it to no end.

Source [dbthemovie via IGN]