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Here’s How Pokémon GO is Celebrating Its 7th Anniversary

The globally popular game Pokémon GO is turning seven! The official website explained:

“We’ve been overjoyed seeing Trainers from across the world and all walks of life come together with their passion for exploring, catching, battling, making new friends, and learning more about Pokémon over the last seven years.

We’ve also continued to grow Pokémon GO with features, events, new ways to discover Pokémon, and more!”

There is an online Pokémon GO celebration going on now until July 12:

“Join us for our 7th Anniversary Party event, featuring rotating bonuses, glimmering Gimmighoul coins, different Pokémon appearing each day to help us celebrate, the return of a shiny Masterwork Research Story, and more!”

There are some Pokémon debuts with Wartortle wearing a party hat and Blastoise wearing a party hat. There are event bonuses, and certain Pokémon will appear more often in the wild during these days. Keep your eyes peeled for Pikachu wearing a cake hat!

Bulbasaur wearing a party hat, Charmander wearing a party hat, and Squirtle wearing a party hat will all show up in special one-star raids. New avatars and stickers will be available.

Some of the stuff they have going on are free, and others cost some money. For instance, there is an Anniversary Box sold exclusively at the Pokémon GO Web Store, and it’s only going to be around until July 10. You can take a look at the full list of things here.

Pokémon GO also pointed out these events as some of their favorites from the past year: Team GO Rocket’s latest scheme: Shadow Raids; Glittering Gimmighoul Coins; Powerful Primal Reversion; Pokémon Sizes, from XXS to XXL; Regional Scatterbug and Vivillon patterns from Postcards; Otherworldly Ultra Beast raids; and Daily adventures with Daily Adventure Incense.

Happy birthday to Pokémon GO! And good luck, trainers!

Source: Pokémon GO, Pokémon GO


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