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Hal Anime Movie Gets a Full Preview

Production I.G subsidiary WIT is working on a few new projects for this year, one of which is an original sci-fi anime movie titled Hal. The movie is being directed by animator/storyboard artist Makihara Ryoutarou, who previously worked on shows like Tatami Galaxy and Karas. Katsuhiko Kitada (Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Fractale) provides character designs and chief animation direction, while Hitomi Hasegawa handles animation direction and Michiru Oshima (Tatami Galaxy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Beck) does the music.

Leading up to the film’s June Japanese premiere, a manga is set to start running in shoujo magazine Bessatsu Margaret. We also now have a full preview that offers a little over a minute of animation from the feature. Check it out below.

Via Crunchyroll

Update 6/11/13: The film is finally out so don’t miss our full review of the HAL anime here.