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Gushing Over Magical Girls Anime Shares Special Ending Video

gushing over magical girls

The currently-airing Gushing Over Magical Girls anime recently debuted its 10th episode, and with it came an updated version of the ending video with two more characters featured. Now Yuka Aisaka (Loco Musica) and Minami Tsuda (Leberblume) have been thrown into the mix.

They join both the video and the song itself to perform “Toge Toge Sadistic” along with Aoi Koga (Leopard), Fuka Izumi (Magia Baiser) and Shiori Sugiura (Nero Alice). Check out the results below.

Misato Suzuki and Atsushi Otsuki are directing the Gushing Over Magical Girls anime, with Noboru Kimura on series composition and Yasuka Otaki handling character designs for the Asahi Production show. Satoshi Motoyama is on sound direction and Yasuhara Takanashi, Akinari Suzuki and Johannes Nilsson are on music, with Lantis responsible for music production.

J-Novel Club publishes the manga in English and sums up the story like so:

“Hi, I’m Hiiragi Utena. I’m a normal magical-girl-loving middle school girl—or at least I was, but then some talking mascot showed up out of the blue and cast a spell on me! Now’s my chance to join my beloved magical girls as…a villain? Hang on, something’s wrong with my outfit! This can’t be happening! Watch this shy magical-girl fan transform into a sadistic dominatrix! When good and evil collide, who will be the one to submit?!”

Via Crunchyroll News