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Gunma-chan Season 2 Previewed in New Trailer


Crunchyroll recently added the first season of the Gunma Prefecture mascot anime Gunma-chan to its streaming lineup, and now we have another peek at season 2. The official website went live this week with a new trailer, featuring Professor Monoshiri VA Sho Hayami as the narrator, so let’s check it out below. 

Gunma-chan season 2 is scheduled to premiere in Japan this April, with the cast and staff returning from the first. The first season had a wee bit of controversy due to some gambling being depicted, which lead to some censorship.

The anime is being made at Ascension, where Mitsuru Hongo of Ascendance of a Bookworm and World Trigger is working as both the director and scriptwriter for it.

Gunma Prefecture has experimented with mascots, including the pony Yūma-chan mascot who premiered in 1994. This pony design was turned into Gunma-chan in 2008. Another version of Gunma-chan had come out in the 80s but is no longer used.

Via Anime News Network