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GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto Hitting Select U.S. Theaters in January

Not one but two trailers have just dropped for the anime GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto, the sequel to GREAT PRETENDER. The first trailer was put out by TOHO Animation:

The second trailer was released by Crunchyroll, and it contains English subtitles:

From these trailers we learn that the anime will debut in Japan on February 23, but some lucky North American fans will be able to see it beforehand. That’s because Crunchyroll and Sony will be showing it in select theaters on January 9 and 10, more than a month before the official premiere.

We’ve also learned more about the cast: Yuka Komatsu plays Dorothy, Shunsuke Takeuchi plays Jei, Yasuhiro Mamiya plays Ai, Kazuyuki Okitsu plays Lin, Yasuyuki Kase plays Wan, Mitsuaki Kanuka plays Sai, and Mariya Ise plays Bin.

Some members of the crew were also announced. Credit for character design goes to Hirotaka Katō (who is also the chief animation director), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto took care of original designs, Kazushi Fujii was in charge of art setting, Kazuto Izumita is the Compositing Director of Photography, Daisuke Imai took care of editing, Yutaka Yamada handled the music, Shōji Hata is the sound director, and Maiko Okada was tasked with producing the animation.

Crunchyroll gave this description of GREAT PRETENDER razbliuto:

It’s been three years since WIT Studio captivated the world with the dizzying tricks and ingenious scenarios that emerged from the “GREAT PRETENDER” series. Now, this all-new action-adventure film follows Dorothy, the self-proclaimed genius con artist who recruited the infamous Laurent Thierry to the life of crime. This time around, she has been defeated at her own game by the Shanghai Longu Bang and is thought to be dead, but she soon reemerges in a small seaside village. Pursued by the underworld of Taipei, she heads to Kyoto, but what will she find waiting for her there…?!

Source: ANN


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