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Golden Bomber Vocalist Releases Video to Protect Women from Harassment

The visual kei band Golden Bomber released a new video on March 13 that’s already been viewed more than 1,150,000 times, but it’s not a new song. Instead, it’s vocalist Sho Kiryuin talking in a way that women living alone can use if someone tries to harass them. The name of the video has been translated into English as “Useful Male Voice Clip Collection for Women Who Live Alone.”

In other words, if someone is being aggressive at the door, you can play Sho saying the polite but firm: “Hello? Sorry, I’m not interested. Goodbye.” Or you can play Sho saying angrily, “Huh? The hell are you going ringing my doorbell for? F**k off, and don’t come back.”

Different bits of dialogue are designed for unwanted visitors, unwanted phone calls or unwanted solicitors, all to give the impression that the woman is not alone and to stop bothering her.

Source: SoraNews24


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