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Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom Anime Film Goes Behind the Scenes

gold kingdom water kingdom

A new behind the scenes video recently emerged for the Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom anime film, which adapts the manga by Nao Iwamoto. In addition to a second look behind the curtain, the official accounts went live with a pair of character videos, so let’s take another look at the feature before it opens in Japan on January 27.

Behind the scenes:

Character videos include a look at Naranbayar:

And Sara:

The Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom manga follows a gentle-hearted princess named Sara and an impressionable young architect named Naranbayar. The two must pretend to be husband and wife for the sake of their respective countries, but they end up actually falling in love and creating an unforeseen miracle through their romance. 

The series originally ran in Shogakukan’s Flowers manga magazine, and the anime adaptation has Kotono Watanabe directing at anime production studio MADHOUSE..

Via Anime News Network