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Go Nagai’s Abashiri Family Comes to Life

Based on Go Nagai’s manga, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from 1969- 1973 and later adapted in OVA form, The Abashiri Family movie follows the exploits of the titular notorious mafia family via the eye of director Teruyoshi Ishii (Ultraman Tiga). The film’s script is by Sadayuki Murai (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress), so it should be interesting to see how this combination of talent meshes together on screen.

The movie itself, judging from the recent trailer, looks more than a little bit on the budget side of things. Of course, if Abashiri Family can nail those wild Go Nagai sensibilities, then a little cheapness shouldn’t matter in the long run. Witness the thrifty-looking madness of the family yourself below.

Source [Twitch]