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Go Nagai Draws Cover for Mazinger Z vs. Transformers Manga

Go Nagai Draws Cover for Mazinger Z vs. Transformers MangaTwo of the world’s most famous giant robot teams, those of mega-franchises Mazinger Z and Transformers, are set to face off in an upcoming manga.

Now we’ve learned the cover of that manga was drawn by none other than the legendary Go Nagai, the creator of Mazinger Z along with Devilman, Cutie Honey and more.

The manga, which comes out March 28, will feature eight chapters, each drawn by a different artist. Those artists include:

Yu Kinutani
Hayato Sakamoto
Hidetsugu Yoshioka
Kazuya Hoshi
Naoyuki Fujisawa
Naoto Tsushima

The story is written by Hiroto Ishikawa, who worked on Transformers properties like Armada, Beast Wars II and Energon.

With two famous robot series facing off and a cover by Go Nagai, Mazinger Z vs. Transformers will definitely be a “go” for many mecha fans.

Sources: ANN, Comic Natalie

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