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Ghost in the Shell: Arise short promotes Microsoft Surface

Those who want to see The Major promoting Microsoft’s Surface tablet can finally see their wish fulfilled in the full Ghost in the Shell: Arise promotional short.

Following some short commercials, the full three-minute short has The Major utilizing the tablet during a mission, which, sadly, is an experience no real Surface user is likely to enjoy. Still, it makes for a more visually appealing promotion than your average campaign.

The premise of the “Another Mission” short is as follows: “Snatch the rebel elements’ secret data using the Surface! There is a leak saying that the giant corporation Ishimiya Industry will commit an act of international terrorism, and Motoko Kusanagi and the Armored Riot Police head out to seize the plug data!”

Ghost in the Shell: Arise will premiere the first of four 50-minute parts from the series in Japanese theaters on June 22, followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release in Japan on July 26.