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Ghibli Park Previews Awesome Exhibits Ahead of Opening

Ghibli Park will have its grand opening on November 1, and in the meantime fans are getting little tidbits of news and information. Yesterday more details of the park were unveiled to the press.

“There is enough in Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse for people to enjoy for two or three hours. I want everyone to see it soon,” exclaimed Hideaki Omura, who is the governor of Aichi, where the park is located.

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse has exhibits of characters from Studio Ghibli films like My Neighbor Totoro.

There is even a children’s playroom with a Totoro statue sleeping in there. (It didn’t say if you could crawl on him like in the movie.) The Cat Bus is also in the play room.

There’s a No-Face on a train, and you can seat yourself next to him just like in the movie. If you’ve ever thought that food in Studio Ghibli movies looked really good, well, some of them will be recreated here so you can eat them yourself. There are also staged sets showing food from the movies, but these are for seeing, not eating.

Reconstructions of Castle in the Sky were also shown, including both the airship and the giant robot. Likewise, there’s a room from Secret World of Arrietty, as well as Yubaba’s office in Ghibli’s most successful film, Spirited Away.

Previously there have been short Ghibli anime films you’d have to go to the Ghibli Museum to see. However, the Cinema Orion at Ghibli Park will be showing ten of those films, widening the ability for people to watch. About 170 people can sit in the Cinema Orion at a time.

Even with these reveals, there will be plenty more to see when the park officially opens! And even after that it won’t be until 2023 that people can go into the Mononoke Village and Witch’s Valley sections.

Source: The Mainichi, SoraNews24


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