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Fundraiser Aims To Help Voice Actor Christopher Ayres Fight Serious Illness

christopher ayresChristopher Ayres is a voice actor, director, and writer whose voice you would no doubt recognize from a number of major anime roles. From Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super’s Freeza to Black Butler‘s Prince Soma, he has quite the résumé, but right now he’s in need of some serious help in his fight against an irreversible illness known as End Stage C.O.P.D.

Needless to say, the testing, therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation involved in fighting this illness adds up to a substantial expense, so a YouCaring page went up in an effort to raise funds. Visit the link to read more about the story behind Ayres’s condition, the long road ahead, and what you can do to help meet the $25,000 goal

Best wishes and support to Christopher Ayres and his family and friends!