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Former AKB48 Member’s Stalker Receives Suspended Prison Sentence

akb48The case is officially closed on Hidenobu Ōnishi, who was previously arrested for stalking and harassing former AKB48 member Karen Iwata. Ōnishi received a guilty sentence to the tune of four months in prison from the Tokyo District Court, but the sentence is suspended for three years.

The suspension means that Ōnishi won’t have to serve his sentence as long as he stays on good behavior for the next three years.

After being a fan of the AKB48 member since 2012, Ōnishi allegedly proposed to her at a handshake event in 2013. Iwata declined, after which Ōnishi allegedly began sending threats to Iwata and her family and repeatedly appearing at related events. According to Tokyo Reporter, the 42-year-old man sent Iwata 1,500 fan letters over a two-year period.

He was eventually arrested for alleged stalking in June of 2018.

Source: TBS News via Anime News Network