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FFXIII Getting Sequel in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Really, what else were they going to call it? Taking a cue from the, ahem, “interesting” Final Fantasy X-2, Square is continuing the saga they kicked off last year with more adventures in the realm of Final Fantasy XIII.

FFXIII-2‘s direct sequel status isn’t that surprising in the light of the aforementioned X-2 and titles like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. While it’s not unprecedented, it is somewhat of a shock to learn that the game’s release is but a year or so away. The English version is slated for next winter according to the US Playstation blog.

And without further ado, we have the icing on the cake: a leaked trailer for FFXIII-2. Just be aware that this will contain spoilers for those that have yet to finish Final Fantasy XIII.

Source [Joystiq]