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Famed Voice Actor Daisuke Gouri Passes

The world lost one of the gruffest and most memorable voices on Sunday, as Daisuke Gouri was found dead on the streets of Tokyo’s Nakano ward. A passerby discovered the voice actor—real name Yoshio Nagahori—face down on the street, and further reports point to an investigation into a possible suicide.

At 57 years old, Gouri left behind him a storied acting career that includes many iconic anime voiceovers. Some of the most famous are his portrayals of Kinnikuman‘s Robin Mask, Dragon Ball‘s Mr. Satan, and Dozle Zabi and Bask Om across various Mobile Suit Gundam entries.

It’s always sad to see someone go before their time, so take a moment today to remember those classic roles, because chances are you have at least one sample of his vast body of work sitting in your collection.

Source [ANN]