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Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond Hits Japanese Theaters in 2019

Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond Hits Japanese Theaters in 2019Fafner fans have waited beyond a long time for Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond, the latest series in the long-running franchise. The Beyond was announced way back in late 2016, but there hasn’t been much word about “the Faf” since then.

Until now.

It’s been announced that all 12 episodes of Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond will screen in Japanese theaters starting next year. It is unclear whether the series will also air on television or stream online.

The Beyond will feature a theme song by angela, who have performed many previous Fafner tunes.

Fafner all started back in 2004 with Dead Aggressor, which was directed by Nobuyoshi Habara and animated at Xebec. The Beyond is directed by Takashi Noto and produced at XEBECzwei. Here’s how the first series goes:

Terrorized by a hostile alien race’s mental warfare, humans hear only this question just before their lives—essentially their minds—are assimilated by the violent invaders. Kazuki and his classmates lay everything on the line to pilot their heavily-guarded island’s secret weapons: towering mechs for which only they are genetically qualified to control. With most of Earth destroyed, humanity’s survival relies on these youths’ selfless determination to protect the only home they know. But when each battle pushes the pilots to the brink of assimilation, who will protect them?

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