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As much as it pains us to admit it, the real world is vastly different from that of the video games we know and love. This goes doubly so for dating sims, which can turn even the most introverted of gamers into a cunning casanova. But what if those skills could be put to good use in our world? Keima Katsuragi is about to have his put to the test in The World God Only Knows,

The real and virtual world first collided when Keima thought he was taking on an online gaming challenge, only to discover that he just signed a contract with a perky demon hunter named Elsie. The mission: Track down demons who have escaped from Hell and reel ’em back in. So how can Keima help? The demons in question have hidden themselves in the hearts of random girls, so he’ll need to use his unmatched dating sim skills to make them fall in love with him and lure them out.

Of course, there has to be some kind of risk-reward scenario at play, right? Well, if Keima loses the “game” at hand, he’ll basically lose his head, so he’s going to need to keep his special brand of Gaming God confidence running full steam.

The World God Only Knows is a unique series worth revisiting, and the Ultimate Collection is the best way to do so. Packed to the brim with 40 episodes, clean versions of the opening and closing animations, Japanese promos, and music videos, this set will have you hooked for the foreseeable future. Give your thumbs a rest and

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