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Eldritch Escape: Tokyo TTRPG Prepares to Localize

Eldritch Escape is the latest TTRPG localization coming to us from LionWing!

Everyone takes TTRPG character death differently. Some actively shun it; others arrive at the table with stacks upon stacks of new character sheets ready to go. But for the upcoming Eldritch Escape: Tokyodeath is just part of the learning experience. And if that sounds a bit Soulesborne-y… that’s because it is, by design.

This innovative new game will be launching on Kickstarter at the end of the month. While we wait, let’s take a look at this unique, promising tabletop experience.


The Story

Tokyo Big Sight is getting monstered on

Eldritch Escape: Tokyo is a unique two-player TTRPG set in modern-day Japan… with a few differences. The main difference, as you may have guessed from the art, is all the monsters. Collectively known as Eldritch, these creatures roam a sunless Tokyo, preying on its citizens. Including you.

Mirroring aspects of both Dark Souls and Attack on Titan, you’ll fight these mighty monsters. And probably die a lot. But don’t worry! You have an ally who will bring you back to life each time, letting you learn more and fight the Eldritch more competently. (It’s a little reminiscent of Snowbright Studio’s Ink, in that regard.) But there’s more to your companion than meets the eye, too.



Eldritch Escape book

While most TTRPGs thrive on larger groups, Eldritch Escape: Tokyo is the opposite. It’s a two-player game… or, more specifically, a 1-v-1 game. One player will take on the role of the protagonist, fighting Eldritch and coming back to life to try again. The other will serve as the GM and storyteller, steering the enormous Eldritch. But the GM will also be in control of your companion. You know, the one who keeps resurrecting you.

KADOKAWA RPG designer Fuyu Takizato has teamed up with Romero Takarai to bring this unique system to life. While the game itself will be combat-forward, there will still be plenty of opportunities for roleplay. It’s an innovative release, and not just for what it is on the page.


A Publishing First

Fledge Witch

The English-language release of Eldritch Escape: Tokyo hails from LionWing Publishing, who specialize in bringing Japanese tabletop games to the West. Past projects include the Kamen Rider-inspired Convictor Drive and the Yakuza-esque social deduction game Picaresque Roman. Their latest project, Fledge Witch, reached its Kickstarter goal within its first hour and piled on lots of amazing exclusives. So how will they top all that? With the first-ever English-Japanese TTRPG simul-release of its kind!

That’s right—Eldritch Escape: Tokyo will be going global on release. Plus, the game itself is finished (barring stretch goal additions), meaning the turnaround of the first beta PDF will be relatively quick. So no matter where you are, you can entrench yourself (and a friend) in The Horrors in record time.

The Eldritch Escape: Tokyo Kickstarter launches (appropriately) on October 31. Follow the project on BackerKit to be one of the first to pledge!

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