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Dragon Ball Movie: Is That You, P-P-P-Piccolo?

Though man can do many an amazing thing with computers in this dazzling age, these screencaps that are said to be from the upcoming Dragon Ball movie trailer look like the real deal. I don’t just say that because the world’s strongest man, Justin Chatwin, is fully decked out in the shots, but because it definitely looks like James Marsters under all that faded-green Namekian makeup.

So… what do you think of the first real look at Piccolo? Are you disappointed? Elated? Confused? Piccolo himself looks a little confused, but it’s nice to see something more revealing than another shot of Chatwin gripping a Dragon Ball with mild determination. We might be able to actually see it all in motion if reports are true about the trailer fronting showings of Max Payne, which bullet-times its way into theaters this October.

Source [Nerdorama via DBMovie]